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Ship repairs, ship supply, diving service, underwater hull cleaning, rewind electric motor, electronic repairs, life boat, liferafts.

TECHNAVE repair industry, with headquarters offices in Paranagua - Brazil and sister companies other Brazilian ports. Shop well established, we were involved in sending regarding activities since 2007, the company maintained the basic foundation of the international ship repair while adding extensive repair capabilities, twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Our dedication to avoid delay of ships in port is a priority to vessels that can not afford to postpone their trips, even for repairs.

a little of the history of ship repair

The earliest archaeological evidence of the use of boats to go back there from 50 to 60,000 years in New Guinea.

In Egypt there is evidence that they already knew the techniques for using wood to form a flat hull, put together with wooden pins and pitch for caulking. Dynasty XXV boats were 25 feet long and one pole...



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